Discover #GameChanger token utilities taking $GSWIFT tokenomics to the next level

Welcome to the GameSwift DAO community, where Web3 and gaming enthusiasts unite! We're passionate about the power of gaming to drive mass adoption of web3. Our mission is to support the web3 industry by designing and developing innovative blockchain solutions. That's why the $GSWIFT Token has become a valuable asset in this space!

GameSwift Chain Testnet is Now Live!

GameSwift Chain isn't just another blockchain; it's a modular Layer 2 solution for Ethereum, integrated into the Superchain. This innovation opens up a new frontier for gaming, letting studios craft top-tier products while unlocking new revenue streams.

$GSWIFT is an omnitoken that can seamlessly be transferred between blockchains supported by LayerZero technology. Experience the true power of LayerZero as you effortlessly move $GSWIFT across multiple blockchains. With its game-changing range of utilities, $GSWIFT is setting new standards for Web3 gaming tokens.


smart contracts

... and Games

Execution layers

GameSwift zkEVM Rollups

Consensus and data layer

GameSwift Chain

smart contracts

... and Games

Execution layers

GameSwift zkEVM Rollups

Consensus and data layer

GameSwift Chain

ZkEVM modular blockchain

Build with unmatched scale on GameSwift's zkEVM Modular Blockchain Scale your game 100–10,000x better than on monolithic blockchains.

Enjoy a proven and secure modular infrastructure. GameSwift is joining the ranks of projects utilizing cutting-edge zkEVM technology to maximize the scalability and efficiency of Web3 games.

Build on GameSwift

Shared Security Section

Unlock multi-game rewards and fortify our network. Shared Security Vault is the ultimate protector keeping our ecosystem secure while generating lucrative rewards for $GSWIFT token holders. Stake your $GSWIFT to safeguard games on our modular blockchain network. As our gaming empire expands, so will your token earnings. No more juggling multiple stakes – with us, one token rules them all!

Gaming ecosystem



Gaming ecosystem

Game developers who join our ecosystem unlock access to our cutting-edge security infrastructure. In return, validators earn staking incentives in native tokens for safeguarding these games.


The more games in our ecosystem, the more tokens you earn—experience auto-compounding rewards like never before, as your staked $GSWIFT generates a variety of gaming tokens in an automated way.

Your All-In-One Investment in Web3 Gaming

Boost your participation in multiple projects with $GSWIFT token staking. Unleash the full potential of the Web3 gaming sector through $GSWIFT, your ultimate gateway to investment.


Platform real yield

The GameSwift Platform is a game-changer in generating revenue from multiple sources. By staking GSWIFT tokens powered by GameSwift DAO, you unlock even more benefits through the GameSwift Platform's Real Yield. The best part? 10% of the Platform revenue is allocated to $GSWIFT stakers, while another 10% goes to buybacks and burns of $GSWIFT tokens.


101k+ Users

102 Games

10 Guilds

Revenue streams

Modular Blockchain Fees

Shared Security Vault

Staking Rewards powered by GameSwift DAO

LP Staking Rewards powered by GameSwift DAO

Monthly Subscriptions

Data Storage Fees

Platform Fees

Transaction Fees

Real yield

10% Stakers

10% Buyback & Burn

$GSWIFT Tokenomics

$GSWIFT is a community-driven token that powers GameSwift’s Web3 gaming ecosystem and Modular chain. It has multiple utilities, creating a constant demand and serving as an essential ecosystem component.

Total supply 1 396 500 000

22.00% Community fund

TGE 0.00%

Locked under governance

4.00% Airdrop

TGE 50.00%

5m linear

14.00% Foundation

TGE 0.00%

12m cliff + 36m linear

14.80% Seed round

TGE 0.00%

12m cliff + 18m linear

4.77% Private round

TGE 0.00%

6m cliff + 14m linear

1.20% Public sale A

TGE 35.00%

1m cliff + 5m linear

0.25% Public sale B

TGE 50.00%

5m linear monthly

8.50% Operational

TGE 0.00%

24m linear

22.00% Ecosystem fund

TGE 0.00%

Locked under governance

8.48% Liquidity

TGE 15.00%

On demand

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